Movement workshop for 8 – 14 months old children

by Dansema Dance Theatre

Movement workshop for children of 8–14 months age and their parents where they explore various movements and objects. Dancers-teachers lead children into dance world by inviting them to try out different movements which develop children imagination and creativity as well as coordination, balance and fine motor skills. The workshop is based on main elements of dance (space, time, energy) which are introduced to babies by giving them time and space to move freely. These experiences will further lead children into dance perception and interpretation, which is expressed by children both verbally and kinaesthetically.

Teacher associate professor of dance education, doctor of social sciences, choreographer Birutė Banevičiūtė

Assistants dancers-teachers Giedrė Subotinaitė / Mantas Stabacinskas / Marius Pinigis.

Duration 30 min. + 15 min. discussion with parents Limited to 8 babies with parents. Minimum 5 registrations required.