Dance performance for children of 6 to 36 months

by Dansema Dance Theatre


After the successful show of the dance performance PUZZLE for babies and toddlers in 2019, and due to demand of cultural activities for families with young children, the Dansema Dance Theatre is coming back to Dubai with another artistic-educational work. The COLORFUL GAMES is an award-winning dance performance for babies and toddlers from 6 to 36 months, where the little ones can have fun and explore music and movement.


*Photo courtesy of Dansema Dance Theatre. Photography by Laura Venseviciene.

The performance with one female dancer invites the baby-and-toddler audience to have fun and learn by watching and reacting.  Accompanied by music, a dancer shows children different ways to move: sit, jump, kick, grasp, drop. In COVID-19 safe environment, they are invited to a guided participation where time is given to explore ribbons, balls, hula hoops – one per child, without sharing with others.   Children imitate dancer’s movements and invent their own, which leads to their first dance experiences.

Performance was awarded by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture the Golden Stage Cross award for the best performance of the year for children and youth (2015). In 2016, it  was commissioned by the German state theater Hessiches Staatsballet and was successfully performed under the title “Farbenspiele” as a repertoire piece of the season 2016-2017 in Darmstadt and Wiesbaden (Germany).

In 2016, it performed at Edinburg Fringe Festival: https://edinburghfestival.list.co.uk/article/82495-interview-dansema-artistic-director-birute-baneviciute-everywhere-we-perform-the-kids-dont-want-to-leave-the-stage-afterwards/

Duration 40 min, premiere 2015 

The performance would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsor Alserkal.

Supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

CREDITS: Idea and choreography: Birutė Banevičiūtė | Dance: Giedrė Subotinaitė | Costumes: Rūta Biliūnaitė | Lights: Aurelijus Davidavičius | Music: Rene Aubry, Henry Torgue, Serge Houppin, Klimperei, Marc Jungermann, Kenji Eno 


Photo courtesy of Dansema Dance Theatre. Photography by Laura Venseviciene.

Founder and artistic director of Dansema Dance Theater, Birutė Banevičiūtė is an award-winning choreographer who has created 13 performances for children in Lithuania and abroad, 9 of which in Dansema. Birutė is also a dance teacher and dance education researcher with a doctoral degree in social sciences and has designed a unique method of dance experience development in early years.  Her artistic work is based on scientific research on psychological and physiological development of children. For more than 10 years she worked as an assoc. prof. in Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences in Dance and Theater Department. Birutė gives lectures and seminars for dance and theater professionals, kindergarten teachers and parents nationally and internationally.


*Photo courtesy of Dansema Dance Theatre. Photography by Laura Venseviciene.

The Dansema Dance Theater creates exclusively performances for young audiences. Since it was established in 2007, played across Lithuania, successfully performed in 27 countries including Croatia, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Malta, Turkey, Palestine, China, UK, US, Japan, India, Singapore, South Korea, etc. Just in 2019 Dansema visited festivals in Ireland, Poland, Denmark, for the fifth time toured in China and had an intensive tour in Japan, where they showed 20 performances in five cities. In 2011 Dansema became a member of ASSITEJ Lithuania. Since 2014 Dansema focuses on developing dance productions for babies under 3 years.


The performance has been shown in numerous countries in Europe, Americas and Asia. It has visited festivals and theaters in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Germany, US, China, Singapore, Poland, Ukraine, Malta and Spain. Among many other places, “Colourful Games” was shown at the Edinburgh fringe festival (UK), “The KidsEuro 2016“ festival (Washington DC, USA), Shanghai Children Arts Theater, Bejing Inside-Out Theatre (China) and Act3International festival (Singapore).

Press reviews:

Donald Hutera, dance critic, The Times, UK

“Part of the pleasure of Colourful Games is watching little kids having what may well be their first immersive theatrical experience. Lasting for a relaxed 40 minutes, this simple but sweet performance presents movement in a circus context. The interactions this leads to are playful and varied, running a gamut of shyness and curiosity to squealing delight.”

Jefferson Thorpe

“I was instantly blown away by their sound design and consistency.”

The Times Scotland

Dansema’s productions are structured experiences that help introduce brand new spectators to art and entertainment.”