We are a HIBA Art Project and we are very happy to take our first steps in Dubai with all of you.

We want to say “Hi” to all dance artists, creators, audiences, students, but most of all to all the dance lovers who feel that something is missing in the Dubai dance scene.

Who are we? We are three female cultural managers of performing arts who live and work in Dubai, and HIBA Art Project is our way to contribute to the cultural landscape of the city we live in.

Born out of a love of dance, our initiative wants to create awareness and promote this unique art form. We want to place dance — its richness and diversity — on the cultural map of the city by showcasing ravishing, innovative and thought-inspiring performances, by fostering local dance artists and by developing meaningful projects that contribute to the cultural development of the city, and therefore, the society.

Local and international contemporary dance for all audiences, programs of performing arts for special audiences, artistic exchanges and residencies,  international artistic collaborations or educational and training programs are some of the projects we have in mind and are giving shape for the near future.

HIBA stands for Heike, Inês and Beata — our founders names — and in Arabic, hiba also means a gift from the heart… HIBA is our gift to you.

Whoever you are, if you love dance, we hope to meet you along the way !

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