HOMME ANIMAL by Nick Liestel | Sima Performing Arts | Dance

JANUARY 15 & 16, 8.00PM | Tickets: 55aed

This immersive performance by Liestal draws in elements of the earth
through a visceral choreographic experience. The audience become
participatory in exploring the smells, fears and instincts of primal
human nature.

An atmosphere that indulges the experience of a human cosmopolitan mind
yet challenging their intuitive senses.

The vision of Nick Liestal’s work is to bring you an experience
wholly-owned by him, created wholly for you. Invite yourself to escape
into primal human natures in this one man show choreographic narration.

To become a man is to build oneself, but to build oneself you must free
the development …

Primal he was born, primal he remains.
Instinctively animalistic.

In striving to keep the necessity of emotional wisdom, do you lose the
vitality in still being
… H u m a n

Meet the Choreographer

Nick Liestal is a 27-year-old dancer, choreographer and performer from Reunion Island, based in Dubai since March last year. 

He was influenced by the great contemporary choreographers, such as Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Hofesh Shechter and Akram Khan.  

Nick’s work is based on instinct. According to him, we all have the animal part in us, which we just have to tame and grow. He offers his audience an immersive experience and hopes that it is receptive to it.

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